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On this page you will find an overview of all articles that I have written myself. The more recent articles deal with software development with .NET (C#, Visual Studio, VSTS, Azure, LINQ, Entity Framework, Web services, WPF, Silverlight, ...) in particular. The older articles were often written for the purposes of courses or demonstrations at my computerclub and these articles are mostly about Delphi, PHP, databases, Javascript, Windows, Office, Multimedia applications, Atari, ...

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.NET - Functions in the Entity Framework 4.0: part 3
In this third article about the Entity Framework 4.0 I will explore some SqlClr features and show how to call custom .NET functions and aggregates in LINQ to Entities queries.
- English - .NET, Entity Framework, Database
.NET - Functions in the Entity Framework 4.0: part 2
In this second article about the Entity Framework version 4.0 user defined functions and the new Model Defined Functions will be explored. Based on a series of simple examples I will show how to map UDF's and Entity SQL expressions to Model Defined Functions and how to call them in LINQ to Entities queries.
- English - .NET, Entity Framework, Database
.NET - Functions in the Entity Framework 4.0: part 1
The Entity Framework together with LINQ to Entities are very powerful technologies to access and manipulate data from a database. But when you need to gain performance or need extra security, stored procedures and user defined functions are often required. In this first article in a series of three I will focus on how to use stored procedures in the Entity Framework 4.0.
- English - .NET, Entity Framework, Database
Delphi - Handle SQL Server errors with ADO
This article, which is written in Dutch, describes which exceptions/errors can occur in MS SQL Server and how they can be handled in stored procedures and with ADO components in Delphi. Furthermore this article describes some ideas of how to develop your own error message window to show errors in the language of the end user.
- Dutch - Delphi, Database
Delphi - Returning data with stored procedures
A comprehensive article about all features in Delphi to use stored procedures to return data to the client. The examples are tested with ADO (ActiveX Data Objects), DBX (dbExpress) and IBX (InterBase Express) components and databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle en Firebird/Interbase.
- English - Delphi, Database
Databases and SQL
This document has been used in a brief training about databases and SQL. It explains all the key concepts of a database (tables, records, fields, keys, referential integrity, indexes, triggers, stored procedures, transactions, ...). Furthermore it gives an overview of the different databases and tools and it gives an introduction to SQL for querying and modifying a database.
- Dutch - Database
SQL examples and exercises
This document shows a lot of examples of SQL and it contains several exercises.
- Dutch - Database