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On this page you will find an overview of all articles that I have written myself. The more recent articles deal with software development with .NET (C#, Visual Studio, VSTS, Azure, LINQ, Entity Framework, Web services, WPF, Silverlight, ...) in particular. The older articles were often written for the purposes of courses or demonstrations at my computerclub and these articles are mostly about Delphi, PHP, databases, Javascript, Windows, Office, Multimedia applications, Atari, ...

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.NET - Spatial Data in Entity Framework 5.0
In Entity Framework 5.0 spatial data types are supported so now we can create Linq queries to query nearby locations, calculate distances and check if locations intersect with an area. This articles demonstrates how to insert and update locations with latitude and longitude coordinates and how to query them in different ways.
- English - .NET, Entity Framework, Geography
.NET - Using the Google Maps HTTP geocoding service
This article will demonstrate how to use the Google Maps HTTP geocoding service and how to handle REST services and XML in general. The Google Maps service can be used to retrieve the latitude, longitude and a lot of other geographical data from a given address.
- English - .NET, Geography
Google Earth - Placemarks for Lommel
Collection of placemarks (KMZ) for Google Earth of my home city Lommel in the province of Limburg in Flanders, Belgium.
- Dutch - Geography
Google Earth - Icons for placemarks
Overview of all icons which can be used to create placemarks in Google Earth.
- English - Geography
Google Earth - More then a 3D globe
Article about the fascinating features of Google Earth version 4.0 (layers, paths, placemarks, 3D buildings, ...)
- Dutch - Geography