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On this page you will find an overview of all articles that I have written myself. The more recent articles deal with software development with .NET (C#, Visual Studio, VSTS, Azure, LINQ, Entity Framework, Web services, WPF, Silverlight, ...) in particular. The older articles were often written for the purposes of courses or demonstrations at my computerclub and these articles are mostly about Delphi, PHP, databases, Javascript, Windows, Office, Multimedia applications, Atari, ...

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.NET - Cleaning up and organizing Outlook mailboxes
This small article contains a few C# scripts which can be executed in LINQPad to clean up and organize Outlook mailboxes. If you want to keep Outlook performing as fast as possible and to reduce the size of mailboxes then these scripts and my OutlookProvider component can simplify this job.
- English - .NET, Office, Outlook, LINQ, LINQPad
.NET - Querying Excel worksheets with LINQ
A while ago I was looking for a way to query Excel with LINQ. I needed a simple solution that allowed me to query tables in Excel worksheets in a tool like LINQPad. This article will describe how I implemented my ExcelProvider and it will demonstrate its features by giving an example of a LINQ query and the result in LINQPad.
- English - .NET, Office, Excel, LINQ, LINQPad
.NET - Display Outlook contact pictures in WPF application
In this article I will show you how to create a ValueConverter class which can be used in a WPF application to display the pictures of the Outlook contacts.
- English - .NET, Office, Outlook, LINQ, WPF
.NET - Execute queries on Office data with LINQPad
This short article is an addition to my 'Querying Outlook and OneNote with LINQ' article. It describes how you can utilize the free LINQPad tool to execute queries on Office data.
- English - .NET, Office, Outlook, OneNote, LINQ, LINQPad
.NET - Querying Outlook and OneNote with LINQ
In this article I will describe how I developed two wrapper classes for Outlook and OneNote. These classes can be used to execute LINQ to Objects (.NET 3.5) queries on emails, appointments, tasks, contacts, notebooks, sections, pages, ... So you could call it LINQ to Outlook and LINQ to OneNote.
- English - .NET, Office, Outlook, OneNote, LINQ
Use data from Outlook in Access
This is a small article, written in Dutch, which demonstrates how to export data from Outlook (agenda, contacts, ...) to Access. In Access these data can be used to build queries or reports.
- Dutch - Office, Outlook, Access
Microsoft Word 2000 advanced
Word processing is one of the most widely used computer applications and Microsoft Word 2000 is one of the most advanced word processors. In this course we will work with levels and styles, numbering, headers and footers, footnotes, tables of contents, tables, ... and finally we create custom templates.
- Dutch - Office
Microsoft Word 2000
Word processing is one of the most widely used computer applications. In this course we are going to work with Microsoft Word 2000. We learn to use different fonts, styles and colors, wrapping the text in columns, inserting tables and images, providing documents with headers and footers, ...
- Dutch - Office
Excel - Create your own functions with VBA
This article contains several examples of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) functions for Excel.
- Dutch - Office, Excel, Scripting
Access - Selection queries
This article gives an overview of all operators (>, <=, between, like, and, ...), expressions and functions (count, sum, right, year, len) which can be used to create SELECT queries in MS Access.
- Dutch - Office, Access
Microsoft Access 2.0
A training course on Microsoft Access 2.0 to create your own databases. Step by step we will define tables and make custom queries, forms and reports. We will be able to enter or edit data in a form and to filter and sort afterwards to show it in reports. Microsoft Access 2.0 was released in 1994 for Windows 3.11.
- Dutch - Office, Access
Microsoft Word 6.0 advanced
A training course on Microsoft Word 6.0 for advanced users. Topics that are covered are footnotes, tables of contents, tables, images, database links, macros, ...
- Dutch - Office