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On this page you will find an overview of all articles that I have written myself. The more recent articles deal with software development with .NET (C#, Visual Studio, VSTS, Azure, LINQ, Entity Framework, Web services, WPF, Silverlight, ...) in particular. The older articles were often written for the purposes of courses or demonstrations at my computerclub and these articles are mostly about Delphi, PHP, databases, Javascript, Windows, Office, Multimedia applications, Atari, ...

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.NET - Silverlight 4 design-time features for ViewModels
Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4.0 and Silverlight 4 offer a lot of new features. I like all the new features but I was especially interested in improvements that could help my current developments which are based on a M-V-VM architecture with ViewModels and a lot of bindings with UI controls. In this article I will focus on the improved design-time features. Along the way I will show a lot of screenshots and try to cover some other new Silverlight 4 features.
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.NET - Modeling PowerToys for Visual Studio 2008
A new version of the open-source PowerToys for the Class Designer and Distributed System Designer has been released. These add-ins provides additional functionality for the Visual Studio Class Designer, such as HTML/XML export, new creation commands, filtering commands, formatting commands, a pan/zoom window, a documentation window, a floating properties window, ... This small post describes how to install it and shows a screenshot which highlights almost all features.
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.NET - Mole Visualizer for Visual Studio
Last week version 4 of the Mole Visualizer for Visual Studio was released. Mole is a great visualizer while debugging WPF, WinForms and WCF applications. Mole does not only allow you to view objects and data, it also allows you to drill into properties and child objects. A lot of properties can be modified and the result is displayed in a live preview.
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.NET & Delphi - Freeware and open source developer tools
Overview of all kinds of interesting freeware and open source developer tools, plugins and components for Delphi and .NET (GExperts, DDevExtensions, CFBH, MemProof, GPProfiler, FastMM, JEDI, WinSpector, Yapp, SourceMonitor, LINQ for SQL Visualizer, Cache Visualizer, Reflector, Resourcer, Managed Spy, Snippet Compiler, FxCop, NUnit & DUnit, ColorPic, ...)
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