Overview components

All Delphi VCL and C# .NET components which can be found on this page are open source and written by myself. The older .NET components and classes were developed with Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 and they work with .NET 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5. The old Delphi components work in Delphi 4 to 2009.

The ExcelExport component, which is also updated and tested in the latest Delphi XE and 10.2 Tokyo versions, can also be registered to support its further development.

The .NET NuGet packages with LINQ to Excel, Outlook and OneNote are also up-to-date and available for the latest .NET version (4.61, VS2017).

LINQ to Outlook, OneNote and Excel
2.0 (C#, .NET 4.6)
The ScipBe.Common.Office namespace contains 3 classes : OutlookProvider (LINQ to Outlook), OneNoteProvider (LINQ to OneNote) and ExcelProvider (LINQ to Excel). The OutlookProvider is a wrapper class which provides IEnumerable collections to data of the COM interface of Outlook ( appointments, contacts, mails, tasks, ...). The OneNoteProvider provides collections of notebooks, sections and pages by manipulating the XML hierarchy tree of OneNote. And the ExcelProvider loads an Excel worksheet and provides column definition and row collections. All collections are IEnumerable so you can query them with LINQ.
Version 2.0 (June 2017) - open source - C# & NET 4.6
Entity Framework extensions
1.0 (C#, .NET 3.5)
The ScipBe.Common.Geocoding namespace contains the a set of extension methods which can be used to extend the standard ADO.NET Entity Framework classes (ObjectQuery, EntityObject, ObjectStateManager, ...).
Version 1.0 (January 2009) - open source - C# & NET 3.5
Google Geocoder
1.1 (C#, .NET 3.5)
The ScipBe.Common.Geocoding namespace contains the GoogleGeoCoder class. This class uses the Google Maps Geocoding HTTP REST service to retrieve geographical data like the latitude and longitude of a given address.
Version 1.1 (December 2008) - open source - C# & NET 3.5
FontComboBox and FontManager
1.1 (C#, .NET 2.0)
This library contains 3 .NET 2.0 components for managing and displaying fonts. The FontComboBox displays a list of all installed Windows fonts and optionally the most recently used fonts and the predefined fonts of a theme. The FontManager can be used to manage all these fonts.
Version 1.1 (April 2007) - open source - C# & NET 2.0
1.1 (C#, .NET 2.0)
This component makes it easy to implement dragging and dropping files from the Windows Explorer to your .NET application. Just link a control or a form to this FileDrop component and set the list of allowed file extensions.
Version 1.1 (December 2006) - open source - C# & NET 2.0
4.4 (Delphi VCL)
This TscExcelExport component is an advanced, powerful but easy to use component which enables you to export all records of a dataset from Embarcadero Delphi to Microsoft Excel. Many features are provided to change the layout, use conditional formatting, to add totals, to create groups, to set a filter, ... The component works in Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8, 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo, 10.3 Rio and it supports all Excel versions from 97 to 2019.
Version 4.4 (March 2019) - freeware for non-commercial use - Delphi VCL
1.1 (Delphi VCL)
This Delphi component is an advanced combobox which shows the available Windows fonts. A lot of features for preview, used fonts, show font types (truetype, printer, symbol), ... are provided. This component provides all features of the Microsoft and Corel font combobox.
Version 1.1 (December 2004) - open source - Delphi VCL
1.1 (Delphi VCL)
Delphi collection component to store data (in design time) like SQL statements or values (Names and Values property of TStrings). The Find methods can be used the find items very quickly.
Version 1.1 (November 2002) - open source - Delphi VCL
1.1 (Delphi VCL)
By adding this small Delphi component to your form, you can accept the files which are dropped from Windows Explorer to your form. You can also specify which file extensions are allowed.
Version 1.1 (March 2008) - open source - Delphi VCL
1.6 (Delphi VCL)
With this component you can retrieve the most important system information like the Windows version, the username, the name of the PC, the speed of the CPU, the available memory, Delphi and Office version, ...
Version 1.6 (December 2007) - open source - Delphi VCL
1.2 (Delphi VCL)
This component shows scrolling text from bottom to top or from top to bottom. While the text is scrolling new lines can be added. This component is derived from a TGraphicControl.
Version 1.2 (January 2002) - open source - Delphi VCL
1.1 (Delphi VCL)
A label which highlights when you move the mouse. You can connect a file, email address or webpage to this component. 
Version 1.1 (December 1999) - open source - Delphi VCL