Photos India north

In March 2013 I went with some friends to India and we travelled through the states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.. The first week we visited the impressive and magnificent palaces, forts and temples of Jaipur, Agra, Gwalior, Orchha and Khajuraho. Everywhere we saw colorful and friendly people and great contrasts between rich and poor, old and modern, ...

We did safaris in four national parks (Keoladeo, Panna, Banhavgarh and Tadoba) where we spotted many wild boars, deers, monkeys, jackals and birds. Our main goal was to look for the endangered Bengal tigers. And yes we were very fortunate because we had 7 sightings of this magnificent animal and were able to shoot some very good photos. We even witnessed an attack of a tigress on some sambar deers. Moreover, we could also spot a shy sloth bear.

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Jaipur - City palace
Jaipur - City palace - Lotus Gate
Jaipur - City palace
Jaipur - Chandpole gate
Jaipur - Tuktuk and rickshaw
Jaipur - Camel
Jaipur - Old man
Jaipur - Laughing man
Jaipur - Woman with child
Jaipur - Rickshaw at Hawa Mahal
Jaipur - Amber fort
Jaipur - Amber fort - Woman
Jaipur - Amber fort - Elephant
Jaipur - Amber fort
Jaipur - Amber fort & Jaigarh fort
Jaipur - Jaigarh fort
Jaipur - Amber fort
Jaipur - Sunset at Nahargarh fort
Jaipur - Jal Mahal
Keoladeo - Brahminy starling
Keoladeo - Painted stork
Keoladeo - Nilgai
Keoladeo - Peacock
Keoladeo - Flying peacock
Keoladeo - Collared owlet
Keoladeo - Green bee-eater
Keoladeo - Rickshaw
Keoladeo - White-throated kingfisher
Keoladeo - Three-striped palm squirrel
Keoladeo - White-naped woodpecker
Keoladeo - Spotted owlet
Fatehpur Sikri - Buland Darwaza
Fatehpur Sikri - Ibadat Khanna
Agra - Taj Mahal
Agra - Taj Mahal
Agra - Taj Mahal
Agra - Taj Mahal
Agra - Yamuna river and Taj Mahal
Agra - Agra fort - Girls
Agra - Agra fort
Agra - Agra fort
Gwalior fort - Man Mandir Palace
Gwalior fort - Mandir Palace
Gwalior fort - Sikhs
Gwalior fort - Sikh
Orchha - Sunset at Betwa river
Orchha - Chhatris
Orchha - Chhatris
Orchha - Man
Khajuraho - Kandariya-Mahadev temple
Khajuraho - Kandariya-Mahadev temple
Khajuraho - Lakshman temple
Khajuraho - Statues Lakshman temple
Khajuraho - Detail Lakshman temple
Panna - Family
Panna - Laughing boys
Panna - Man
Panna - Woman in the field
Panna - Sambar deer
Panna - Crested goshawk
Panna - Langur monkey
Panna - Running langur monkey
Panna - Spotted deers
Panna - Sambar deer
Panna - Langur monkey
Panna - Crocodile
Bandhavgarh - Langur monkey with baby
Bandhavgarh - Jackal
Bandhavgarh - Indian roller
Bandhavgarh - Peacock
Bandhavgarh - Tigers
Bandhavgarh - Tiger
Bandhavgarh - Tiger
Bandhavgarh - Tiger
Bandhavgarh - Sambar deer
Bandhavgarh - Wild pig
Bandhavgarh - Wild pig
Bandhavgarh - Burling spotted deer
Bandhavgarh - Black stork
Bandhavgarh - Indian nightjar
Bandhavgarh - Sambar deer
Bandhavgarh - Wild pigs
Bandhavgarh - Rhesus macaque
Bandhavgarh - Common kestrel
Tadoba - Tigress
Tadoba - Sambar deers
Tadoba - Tigress
Tadoba - Tiger attack
Tadoba - Tiger attack
Tadoba - Tiger attack
Tadoba - Sambar deers and tigress
Tadoba - Second attack
Tadoba - Tigress
Tadoba - Tiger close-up
Tadoba - Tigress
Tadoba - Tigress
Tadoba - Tigress
Tadoba - Gaur
Tadoba - Ruddy mongoose
Tadoba - Crested hawk eagle
Tadoba - Asian paradise-flycatcher
Tadoba - Oriental honey buzzard
Tadoba - Juvenile white-eyed buzzard
Tadoba - Muntjac
Tadoba - Sloth bear
Tadoba - Indian roller
Tadoba - Tigress
Tadoba - Tigress
Tadoba - Ox wagon
Tadoba - Woman and children
Tadoba - Woman
Tadoba - Womand with child
Tadoba - Gond women