Photos Madagascar

In November 2015 my girlfriend and I travelled three weeks through the fascinating Madagascar. Very special on the ‘Red Island’ are the unique endemic animals such as lemurs, sifakas, chameleons, geckos, lizards, frogs, birds, ... Moreover there are varied landscapes such as dense rainforests, dry forests, savanna, huge baobab trees, tropical beaches with palm trees, rice terraces, unique rock formations and canyons ... The country has many colorful - but poor - people and everywhere you can still see traditional ox carts, old cycle and pulled rickshaws, dugout canoes, ...

We went from the capital to the east to the rain forests of Andasibe and Mantadia. Then we flew to the west coast and explored the tropical beaches around Morondava, the impressive baobab trees, the Kirindy forest and the unique rock formations of the Tsingy de Bemaraha. Then we followed the RN7, the main road to the south and along the way we explored the jungle of Ranomafana, the beautiful Anja reserve, the impressive canyons and rock formations of Isalo and we ended up on the coast in Ifaty. We spend long days in nature and we were able to spot and photograph a lot of wonderful animals.

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Andasibe - Central bright-eyed frog
Andasibe - Parson's chameleon
Andasibe - Baby Parson's chameleon
Andasibe - Malagasy tree boa
Andasibe - Diademed sifaka
Andasibe - Brown lemur
Andasibe - Giraffe-necked weevil
Andasibe - Indri
Andasibe - Indri with baby
Mantadia - Kite spider
Mantadia - Red-bellied lemurs
Mantadia - Black and white ruffed lemur
Mantadia - Mantella baroni frog
Mantadia - Waterfall
Mantadia - Short-horned chameleon
Mantadia - Short-horned chameleon catching insect
Andasibe - Mossy leaf-tailed gecko
Andasibe - Brown leaf chameleon
Andasibe - Brown leaf chameleon
Andasibe - Short-horned chameleon male
Andasibe - Green bright-eyed frog
Sunrise at the baobabs
Sunrise at the baobabs
Kirindy - Fossa
Kirindy - Verreaux's sifaka
Kirindy - Red-fronted brown lemurs
Kirindy - Young red-fronted brown lemur
Kirindy - Baby red-fronted brown lemur
Kirindy - Red-fronted brown lemur family
Kirindy - Malagasy scops owl
Kirindy - Blue vanga
Kirindy - Collared iguana
Kirindy - Red-tailed sportive lemur
Kirindy - Close-up red-tailed sportive lemur
Kirindy - Gray mouse lemur
Kirindy - Malagasy giant jumping rat
Kirindy - Mating fossas
Big Tsingy - Decken's sifaka
Big Tsingy - Close-up Decken's sifaka
Big Tsingy - Canyon
Big Tsingy - Ranotsara
Big Tsingy - Ranotsara
Big Tsingy
Big Tsingy - Canyon
Big Tsingy - Cave
Big Tsingy - Andamozavaky
Big Tsingy - Andamozavaky
Big Tsingy - Andamozavaky - Decken's sifakas
Small Tsingy - Broad-billed roller
Tsingy - Manambolo river
Avenue of Baobabs
Sunset at the Avenue of Baobabs
Sunset at the Avenue of Baobabs
Milky Way at the baobabs
Morondava - Pirogue
Morondava - Betania - Vezo woman
Morondava - Betania
Morondava - Betania
Morondava - Horned ghost crab
Miandrivazo - Phelsuma day gecko
Befato - Zebucart
Befato - Rice paddies
Befato - Rice paddies
Antsirabe - Villages and fields
Antsirabe - Planting rice seedlings
Antsirabe - Plowing with zebus
Ambositra - Pousse-pousse
Ranomafana - Milne-Edwards' sifaka
Ranomafana - Grandidier's water snake
Ranomafana - Madagascan long-eared owl
Ranomafana - Greater bamboo lemur
Ranomafana - Red-bellied lemur
Ranomafana - Mossy leaf-tailed gecko
Ranomafana - Lined day gecko
Ranomafana - Brown mouse lemur
Ranomafana - Boophis madagascariensis frog
Ranomafana - Malagasy side-striped chameleon
Ranomafana - Close-up of a chameleon tail
Ranomafana - Blue-legged chameleon
Anja Community Reserve
Anja - On the top of the mountain
Anja - Ring-tailed lemur with baby
Anja - Ring-tailed lemur with baby
Anja - Sunbathing ring-tailed lemur
Anja - Running ring-tailed lemur
Anja - Close-up ring-tailed lemur
Anja - Jumping ring-tailed lemur
Anja - Oustalet's chameleon
Anja - Leaf chameleon
Anja - Grandidier's Madagascar swift
Anja - Rice paddies
Isalo - Sunset
Isalo - Stefan at sunset
Isalo - On the top of a rock
Isalo - Black pool
Isalo - Madagascar paradise-flycatcher
Isalo - Ring-tailed lemur with juvenile
Isalo - Red-fronted brown lemur
Isalo - Oustalet's chameleon
Isalo - Close-up Oustalet's chameleon
Isalo - Madagascar bee-eater
Isalo - Verreaux's sifaka
Isalo - Oustalet's chameleon
Isalo - Oustalet's chameleon catching an insect
Isalo - The window
Isalo - The window
Zombitse - Standing's day gecko
Zombitse - Verreaux's sifaka
Zombitse - Rufous vanga on nest
Zombitse - Three-eyed lizard
Ifaty - Beach
Ifaty - Vezo woman
Ifaty - Vezo woman
Ifaty - Reniala - Sickle-billed vanga
Ifaty - Reniala - Madagascar fody