About me: Stefan Cruysberghs

Stefan Cruysberghs, is the personal website of Stefan Cruysberghs. Currently I live in Aarschot but before I lived in Lommel (Flanders, Belgium). I am a pasionate software developer and the desire to experience the diversity and beauty of nature fuels my passion for travel and photography. I already saw many world wonders, remnants of ancient civilizations, beautiful landscapes in high mountains, deserts and jungles. I met fascinating authentic tribes in remote places and could already enjoy the beautiful wildlife in Africa, America and Asia. I love outdoor activities and I also practice some sports (badminton, jogging, mountainbiking) and like to spend some time with my wife, family and friends.


I always took photos while traveling but my passion for photography really started in 2006 when I bought my first DSLR.  Since then I have evolved rapidly in terms of material, knowledge and experience. As a travel photographer I cover multiple genres but I am particularly intrigued by fascinating nature and wildlife, beautiful and desolate landscapes and seascapes, colourful people and authentic tribes. As a photographer I try to capture the most beautiful things in our world and I hope people will enjoy watching my photos and get fascinated by some of them. Photography close to home is also very challenging because in this way I'm able to get to know the subjects really well.

I work with a Nikon full-frame DSLR camera and several Nikon, Sigma and Samyang lenses and some filters. I have already won several prices in national and international photo contests, received acceptances in international photo salons and some of my photos are published in newspapers, magazines and books. An overview can be found at this page. Several large 'fine art' prints also grace the walls of corporate offices and private homes. Contact me if you are interested in one of my photos.

Software development

In 1988 when I was 12 years old I started programming with GFA Basic on my Atari computer and a few years later I started giving all kinds of IT trainings to children and adults in my computerclub VJI. I've been developing on the Windows, Web and Mobile platforms for more than 20 years. I am still eager to learn and like to develop complex architectures and write high quality maintainable code.

I take ownership, like teamwork and have a lof of expierence with coaching colleagues. I attend some trainings every year and I try to follow up several blogs on a weekly basis. I am Microsoft MCP and MCTS since 2010. I have a lot of experience with software architectures, design, patterns, ALM, continuous integration, unit testing, performance tuning, mobile devices, … The last few years I have been using C# & .NET, Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, VSTS (Git, NuGet, Builds, Releases, ...), Azure (ARM, Application Insights, Service Bus, ...), SQL Server, Entity Framework, LINQ, Web API, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Cordova for iOS and Android. In the past my skills were more related to Silverlight, WPF, RIA & WCF Services, Custom build tasks, Office automation, PHP, MySQL, ... When I started my profession carrier in 1998 I was an expert in Delphi, Oracle, T-SQL and Interbase.

I am one of the lead developers of the innovative Bringme box and related mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The server logic of this community and smart box, where parcels can be delivered or picked up, is developed in .NET and is hosted on Microsoft Azure.


The pages on this site contain information about some of my hobbies. All photographs are copyrighted by the photographer. All the applications, components and articles are put at everyone's disposal for free. This site is largely bilingual (Dutch and English) and optimized for smartphones and tablets. I developed both the graphic components and the programming myself. My first website was set online in 1997 and since that day I have tried to keep it up-to-date. My mother tongue is Dutch and my English is adequate but not perfect. If you find any errors or mistakes in my English texts, please just send me an email and I will correct them.


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