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On this page you will find an overview of all articles that I have written myself. The more recent articles deal with software development with .NET (C#, Visual Studio, VSTS, Azure, LINQ, Entity Framework, Web services, WPF, Silverlight, ...) in particular. The older articles were often written for the purposes of courses or demonstrations at my computerclub and these articles are mostly about Delphi, PHP, databases, Javascript, Windows, Office, Multimedia applications, Atari, ...

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.NET - Generic custom WPF/Silverlight value converters
Data binding is one of the most powerful features of WPF/Silverlight. It allows developers to achieve more with less code. However, when building user interfaces with WPF/Silverlight, you often need to create your own value converters. A common mistake is to implement custom value converters for each and every binding that requires one. Of course value converters can be generalized an re-used. In this article I will show you the source code of my library of generic custom value converters and I will demonstrate in which scenarios you can use them.
- English - .NET, WPF, Silverlight
.NET - UI automation with the WPF UIAutomation framework
WPF UIAutomation is a framework from Microsoft to automate Windows applications. In this article I will demonstrate a lot of features (invoking button clicks, focusing controls, entering data, sending keystrokes, subscribing to events, ...) and compare it with the open-source project White.
- English - .NET, UI Automation, WPF, WinForms
.NET - UI automation with the White framework
This short article covers the most important features of the open-source White framework and the Microsoft UISpy tool. White can be used for UI automation and my C# .NET application demonstrates how to automate the Windows calculator by sending keystrokes, clicking on buttons and menus, pressing function keys, accessing textboxes, ...
- English - .NET, UI Automation, WPF, WinForms
.NET - WPF ProcessingControl and BackgroundWorker
This small article about the Windows Presentation Foundation will demonstrate how to use a WPF ProcessingControl and a BackgroundWorker thread to create responsive user interfaces and how to give visual feedback about the progress.
- English - .NET, WPF
.NET - Background color problem with WinForms and WPF
This post briefly describes how to integrate a WPF user control in a Windows Forms application. It also provides a workaround to solve the background color problem of the ElementHost class. This workaround will demonstrate how you can map properties between Windows Forms controls and WPF UI elements.
- English - .NET, WPF, WinForms
.NET - WPF/Silverlight treeviews and LINQ to SQL
A few examples about .NET WPF applications using LINQ to SQL. This article will describe how to create nice looking treeviews which are populated with data using LINQ to SQL (or LINQ to Entities). Of course resources, templates, styles, datatriggers, value converters, ... will be utilized. Most examples will also work with Silverlight.
- English - .NET, WPF, Silverlight, LINQ to SQL, LINQ
.NET - Display Outlook contact pictures in WPF application
In this article I will show you how to create a ValueConverter class which can be used in a WPF application to display the pictures of the Outlook contacts.
- English - .NET, Office, Outlook, LINQ, WPF